Festival events

The program will include several highlights on graffiti and urban art through a series of live performances, contests, screenings, exhibitions but also fun and educational workshops for all types of public.

When: Saturday May 10th 2014 (10 am- 10 pm) / Sunday May 11th 2014 (10 am – 7 pm)
Where: Place Toata


Central event of the festival, the ONO’U Battle is a worldwide graffiti contest opened to any spray can artist aged between 18 and 38 years old practicing graffiti as a contemporary art form. The Battle will bring together 24 talented contestants from all around the world to demonstrate their skills and paint huge canvasses based on island-focused themes. Out of the 24 contestants, 5 places to compete the final will be kept for 5 Polynesian writers. The jury will assess the artworks and reward four particularly attractive prizes to the winners.


Impressive graffiti frescoes will be created by the international guest artists and local writers of the festival:

On Saturday May 10th

Two giant “Pacific & Tahiti Jam graffiti” black billboards will be set up (480 sqm). The panels will be exclusively dedicated to the international guest artists of the festival who will live paint giant graffitis right before the public and show what they do best.

On Sunday May 11th

An interactive fresco symbolizing “friendship beyond oceans” will be extended on a long night blue panel (4 meters tall over 100 meters long). The fresco will be created by the international guest artists alongside the five French invited artists and other Tahitian graffiti writers. Festival-goers will be invited to draw their own graffiti on specific parts of the fresco.


For families and youth, various fun and educational booths, workshops and activities are planned to discover the art of graffiti and raise participants’ awareness on the developments and power of street art:

  • A special art exhibition by the arts center on French Polynesia to present a Polynesian look and understanding onf this contemporary urban art form
  • Digital spaces to create virtual graffitis and screen short street art related films or documentaries
  • Stencil and body painting workshops open to all
  • Graffiti art workshops for youth aged between 11 and 18 years (by reservation)


Saturday evening May 10th

An open-air « Graff & Dance » night party will be held on Saturday evening May 10th from 7 pm to 10 pm on Place Toata.
The evening program will include special dance shows combining hip hop and traditional Tahitian dance, battles of DJs, break-dance performances, and body painting fashion shows.
Join us for three hours of entertainment and outdoor shows with the participation of local talents and Polynesian dance groups!

Related events

Along with the week-end activities and the ONO’U Battle, we put on a festival week that will include the following events:

// Collective wall paintings

When: May 5th-9th
Where: City hall of Papeete

Collective wall paintings getting together international guest writers to paint public walls given away by the city hall of Papeete.

On the fringe of the festival, the organizing committee will be impulsing, in collaboration with City Hall of Papeete a new project in Tahiti, namely the Pacific Ocean Gallery. It aims to create over the years an open air Gallery and Art Walk in the city center of Papeete, consisting of paintings and murals realized by artists from all over the world and invited local artists.

Paintings will focus on themes related to the history, symbols, traditions or way of life of Tahiti and her islands. It will also be the first ever opportunity in the history of Tahiti for international artists to leave a long-lasting wall painting footprint of their passing through the island and share it with the local population and for local writers to exprss their Polynesian identity..

// A private Graffiti Art Exhibition (May 7th)

When: May 7th 2014
Hours: 6pm – 9pm
Where: to confirm

// School art workshops

When: May 5th-7th 2014
Where: to confirm

Writers will be invited to speak at classrooms about their art career experience and wall paint dedicated frescoes involving students.

Tahiti New Generation, founder of the Pacific Ocean Gallery and organizer of the international graffiti festival, sets the festival’s program and other related events. It may freely and at any time operate changes and updates in its programming.

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